High precision

strong bearing capacity

good wear resistance and long service life。

Size processing is arbitrary

more convenient to meet the needs of various sizes and shapes。

It has the ability of dust resistance

corrosion resistance

impact resistance and edge load resistance。

It can be used in a wide temperature range。

The metal substrate has good shock absorption ability。

It is suitable for frequent starting occasions such as rotation

reciprocation and swing。


    JDB  copper  sleeve  is  based  on  metal  materials.  Most  products  will  be  designed  and  processed  with  different  types  and  sizes  of  oil  grooves  and  oil  holes.  It  is  a  bearing  lubricated  by  oil  supply  from  oil  grooves.  According  to  different  working  conditions,  we  have  developed  different  matrix  materials  to  meet  the  use  of  various  harsh  conditions,  so  as  to  achieve  excellent  performance.


  • Engineering machinery 、
  • rubber and plastic machinery 、
  • automobile mold 、
  • hydraulic cylinder 、
  • large gearbox 、
  • metallurgical machinery 、
  • train support 、
  • steel rolling equipment 、
  • mining machinery 、
  • ship machinery 、
  • engineering construction 、
  • steam turbine 、
  • electric equipment 、
  • water conservancy construction 、

Product model