It has strong bearing capacity and good wear resistance。

It can replace traditional copper sleeve and save cost。

The surface oil groove and oil hole have various forms

which are convenient for selection。

The thickness of copper layer on the surface can be selected to ensure the bearing performance and improve the economy。

The interface seam can adopt the form of buckle interlock

which is more beautiful and practical。


    JF  series  bimetal  composite  bearing  is  based  on  high  -  quality  low  -  carbon  steel,  and  the  copper  alloy  with  low  friction  characteristics  is  sintered  on  the  surface  as  the  wear  -  resistant  layer  of  the  bearing。  The  surface  of  the  copper  alloy  can  be  processed  into  various  types  of  oil  grooves,  oil  cavities,  oil  holes,  etc。  according  to  the  use  conditions。  Through  sintering  and  extrusion,  the  material  has  a  good  combination  strength  and  the  best  bearing  capacity。  The  copper  layer  on  the  bearing  surface  can  be  based  on  the  situation  Choose  different  materials  to  meet  the  requirements  of  different  occasions。


  • Automobile chassis 、
  • engineering machinery chassis 、
  • engine parts 、
  • construction machinery 、
  • hydraulic equipment 、
  • pump products 、
  • pneumatic components 、

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