It can be lubricated without oil or with less oil。

Small friction coefficient

strong bearing capacity

good wear resistance and long service life。

The dynamic and static friction coefficients are similar

which can improve the running accuracy and reduce vibration and noise。

During operation

transfer film can be formed to protect the counter grinding shaft without shaft undercutting。

Thin wall structure

light weight

can reduce the mechanical volume and mechanical cost。

The back of steel can be electroplated with various metals

which can be used in corrosive medium。

SF-2 surface oil cavity has a large amount of oil, which can work for a long time under boundary lubrication。The surface plastic can be processed and the matching accuracy can be improved。


      SF  -  1  series  metal  composite  oil  -  free  bearing  is  made  of  high  -  quality  low  carbon  steel  as  the  base  plate,  sintered  spherical  porous  bronze  powder  layer  in  the  middle,  and  rolled  PTFE  as  the  main  lubricating  material  on  the  surface,  and  then  processed  by  rolling。  The  bearing  has  excellent  lubricity  and  good  bearing  capacity。  The  middle  copper  powder  layer  improves  the  bonding  strength  of  the  plastic  layer  and  the  base  plate,  and  at  the  same  time,  it  timely  transfers  the  heat  generated  during  the  bearing  operation。  According  to  different  requirements,    we  have  developed  a  variety  of  materials  to  meet  different  conditions。
      SF  -  2  series  metal  composite  boundary  lubrication  bearing  is  a  kind  of  lubrication  material  with  high  quality  low  carbon  steel  as  base  plate,  spherical  porous  bronze  powder  layer  sintered  in  the  middle,  POM  as  the  main  surface,  and  oil  storage  pit。  It  can  effectively  improve  the  storage  of  oil  and  reduce  the  frequency  of  oil  filling。  At  the  same  time,  it  can  also  bury  the  external  invasion  of  dust  and  extend  the  service  life  of  the  bearing。  The  copper  powder  layer  in  the  middle  improves  the  bonding  strength  of  the  plastic  layer  and  the  base  plate,  at  the  same  time,  it  also  transmits  the  heat  generated  during  the  bearing  operation。  The  bearing  is  suitable  for  grease  lubrication。


  • Engineering machinery 、
  • rubber and plastic machinery 、
  • automobile mold 、
  • hydraulic cylinder 、
  • large gearbox 、
  • metallurgical machinery 、
  • train support 、
  • steel rolling equipment 、
  • mining machinery 、
  • ship machinery 、
  • engineering construction 、
  • steam turbine 、
  • electric equipment 、
  • water conservancy construction 、

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