In March next year, Zhengzhou machine tool exhibition will rekindle the purchasing tide and accumula

RELEASE TIME:2020-02-11

Under the policy of "green and energy-saving equipment manufacturing, precise and intelligent products" in "made in China 2025", the 22nd Central Plains (Zhengzhou) International Machine Tool and metal processing Exhibition (referred to as "Zhengzhou machine tool exhibition in March") will add new highlights to help the development of the whole industry.      

  Lock up the order opportunities in advance, accumulate the business opportunities of the whole year        

   Spring is the plan of the year. For tens of thousands of manufacturers, March is the golden time to harvest wealth.        

    The 22nd Haobo Zhengzhou machine tool exhibition is scheduled to be held on March 18-21, 2020. On the one hand, it helps participating enterprises to understand each other's latest demands for external release. On the other hand, it is convenient for exhibitors to lock in the golden opportunity of one-year orders in advance and lay a stable foundation for exhibitors to realize the development of the whole year's strategy. Promote the continuous growth of the whole year's performance and contribute to the increase of revenue.       

    The performance of previous exhibitions has increased steadily year on year in 2020      

    "March 2019 Haobo Zhengzhou Machine Tool Exhibition", the professional audience, the business opportunities of participating enterprises are continuous and highly praised by many parties. According to statistics:        

    750 sets of industrial equipment are on display, up 23% year on year;      80000 + professional buyers visited the exhibition, up 15% year on year;    90% of the purchasers' purchase intention has been implemented, with a year-on-year increase of 13%;      Group purchasing of industrial clusters and brand enterprises reached 230 million yuan, up 9% year on year.       "March 2020 Haobo Zhengzhou Machine Tool Exhibition" will pay more attention to the demand of three parties of supply, procurement and marketing, and maintain the year-on-year growth level in 2019.         Grasp the new opportunity of industry development and realize the increase of economic benefits         In 2020, the asset scale of China's CNC machine tool industry will reach 272 billion yuan. Such a huge market cake has brought more business opportunities for the rapid development of the central machine tool industry.          In the middle of 2019, the organizers of "Zhengzhou machine tool exhibition in March" reached a consensus with all exhibitors and purchasers, and in 2020, more production capacity will be invested in the direction of "green energy saving, precision intelligence".      Theme 1 was launched with the support of multi brand enterprises. Many important industrial clusters have been scheduled to purchase in groups at Zhengzhou machine tool exhibition in March, to help enterprises accumulate energy to achieve the annual task objectives and achieve steady increase in economic benefits.       Combination of matrix marketing and big data to target buyers        "March Zhengzhou Machine Tool Exhibition" comes into being with the times and develops with the times.          "March Zhengzhou Machine Tool Exhibition" adopts matrix marketing mode to target buyers in all aspects. It has a strong self-Media marketing platform: official website platform, wechat promotion platform, EDM marketing platform, telephone marketing platform, direct mail marketing platform, SMS promotion platform, etc. In addition to self media, it has established cooperation with 260 + professional media and 60 + comprehensive media, and promoted news reports synchronously, which has helped enterprises' products and brands get more attention in constant exposure.        At the same time, relying on its strong professional audience database, we will wholeheartedly work out a thorough professional audience invitation plan for exhibitors, and strive to invite more professional audience for exhibitors.        Deeply optimize industry resource allocation and create green trade channel         As we all know, China has become a big developing country of machine tools in the world, but there are still some characteristics such as small scale of production enterprises, high dependence on import of core components, low level of high and new technology.     "Zhengzhou machine tool exhibition in March" is the engine of the development of the central machine tool industry:        More new technologies, products and services will be displayed;      Invite industry experts and insiders to attend the professional forum, discuss the development hotspot of the industry, exchange technical experience and disseminate advanced scientific and technological achievements;         Break through the information barriers in the upstream, middle and downstream of the supply chain, provide more business docking opportunities for all parties, deeply optimize the resource allocation of machine tool industry, create green trade channels, and balance the development opportunities of the whole industry.         Based on the present, focus on the future and help enterprises develop rapidly      As the annual exhibition of machine tool industry in Central China, "March Zhengzhou Machine Tool Exhibition" has the advantages of helping enterprises to build a highly centralized flow of passenger flow, information flow, capital flow, etc.      "March Zhengzhou Machine Tool Exhibition" with advanced exhibition concept and professional service attitude, will provide more professional and high-quality business experience for domestic exhibitors in China and foreign exhibitors in the United States, Japan, South Korea, etc., and help the machine tool industry in Central China move forward at a high speed!      Contact: 0371-66619431     Official website: