Bearing localization of 3300 plunger pump for petrochemical machinery propulsion

RELEASE TIME:2020-02-11

Recently, the bearing samples of "3300 plunger pump bearing localization" special subject of petrochemical machinery passed the 80 hour durability bench test in the factory, and no quality problems were found after disassembly, which indicates that the subject has made important progress.   

  3300 plunger pump is the core part of 2500 and 3000 fracturing trucks of petrochemical machinery. For a long time, the high-end bearings used in this type of pump assembly rely on imports.    

    In order to master the core technology and avoid being stuck, since this year, petrochemical machinery has carried out special research on the localization of 3300 plunger pump bearing. All departments and units such as design and development, quality control, production and manufacturing, measurement and testing work together to carefully prepare the quality control plan of domestic bearings, put forward clear requirements for product quality traceability, key points of quality control, verification method of manufacturing process, product acceptance conditions and completion data, and arrange special personnel to carry out magnetic particle exploration of blanks, heat treatment, mechanical processing and parts The whole process of manufacturing supervision is carried out for the defects, ultrasonic flaw detection, product measurement inspection, parts cleaning and assembly, marking, inspection record form, etc., ensuring the smooth progress of the project.       

    In the next step, petrochemical machinery will carefully analyze the preliminary test results, make full efforts to prepare for the industrial test under different working conditions, and promote the localization of 3300 plunger pump bearing to speed up the implementation and safe implementation.