Sinoma spare parts Co., Ltd. has completed the preparation of enterprise standard "kiln end sealing

RELEASE TIME:2020-02-11

The enterprise standard Q / 3201 zcbj001-2019 of kiln end sealing device for cement rotary kiln prepared by Nanjing Sinoma cement spare parts Co., Ltd. has been formally completed and started to be implemented. This marks the official opening of Nanjing Sinoma Group's boutique strategy

 The enterprise standard refers to JC / T 1003-2006 (2017) sealing device for cement industry, implements the relevant requirements of the national compulsory standard GB 5226.1-2008 mechanical electrical safety mechanical electrical equipment Part 1: General technical conditions, and is based on the company's relevant patent technology, and is formulated according to the product's own characteristics and customer needs

  According to the requirements of the group company, the next step is to prepare relevant enterprise standards for all products of the company, and strengthen the implementation of the standards to ensure that the company's product design, manufacturing, packaging, transportation, installation, commissioning and related technical indicators and functions can meet or even exceed the standards