Why light thin-walled bearings are sold to more than 20 countries

RELEASE TIME:2020-02-11

In modern industry, where there is rotation, there are bearings. There are tens of thousands of bearing production enterprises in China. As a big bearing production city, Liaocheng has more than 2000 bearing enterprises in Linqing alone. How to stand out in many bearing production and processing enterprises has become a challenge faced by many bearing enterprises. Under the guidance and assistance of the municipal market supervision bureau, Shandong bolt bearing Co., Ltd., located in Linqing, has developed a new way, specializing in light thin-walled bearings, and has established its foothold in the fierce market competition. Its products are not only popular in China, but also exported to more than 20 countries in Europe, America, Southeast Asia and other places.

In the workshop of Shandong Bote Bearing Co., Ltd., workers are testing the surface profile of thin-walled bearings.

A thank you letter from Russian military enterprises       "Thank you letter from Russian military enterprise customer!" Recently, Yang Qingsheng, chairman of Bote bearing, received a letter from abroad. He couldn't hide his joy and hurriedly shared it with his employees. "Small and medium-sized enterprises can provide products for foreign military equipment, which is a affirmation for us and a great encouragement for us on the way of independent research and development."     At first, thin-walled bearings were monopolized by an American company and sold in China at an expensive price, which was generally unacceptable to domestic manufacturers. Finally, an enterprise in Shandong Province found the bolt bearing and tried to develop a joint research and development alternative to the imported bearing. This makes the bolt bearing both happy and stressed.           Without technology, resources and talents, can we produce substitutable imported products under the "three no" environment? Yang Qingsheng told reporters: "there is no condition, and it is necessary to create conditions. We have accepted the" challenge letter " Without resources, they attracted investment and talents through exhibitions and exchanges. With the support of the two-level Market Supervision Bureau, the company has spent five or six years to successfully develop high-end thin-wall bearing products and gradually push the products to the market. The sales volume has also reached 87% from 20% of the market share of bearings in Shandong Province at the beginning.        2 韩国一企业订购25万套    2 250000 sets ordered by a Korean Enterprise     2016年到2018年投入1000多万元用于产品研发,接近销售比重的10%。    "The overall accuracy of this Thin-walled bearing is over P5, and its service life is more than 20000 hours. It is mainly used for industrial robots, and has exported 250000 sets to a South Korean enterprise." "We targeted the robot industry five or six years ago," said Yang. At that time, Germany and Japan had reached 3.0 and 4.0 industrial automation, and many enterprises in China were still in the 2.0 stage, but we felt that the robot market would develop slowly in China. " For this reason, the company has continuously increased R & D efforts and investment in infrastructure, built a controllable atmosphere salt bath Mabei quenching production line worth more than 6 million yuan, purchased two SPC process control data query stations, realized online quality control of products in the workshop, and made the products under real-time control. From 2016 to 2018, more than 10 million yuan was invested in product research and development, close to 10% of sales.     The robot is a high-precision product, which requires light weight, high precision and low price of bearings, but its sales volume is not smaller than that of ordinary bearings. Yang Haitao, manager of Bote bearing marketing department, said that it is expected that the sales volume of domestic industrial robots will have a blowout development in 2021-2025. At present, more than 30 thin-wall bearing products of the company are ready. "In addition, more than 30 products have made precision reserves for five to six years." Yang Haitao said.       In the past 15 years of focusing on thin-walled bearings, bolt bearing has always paid attention to product quality and technological innovation. At present, the company has mastered independent intellectual property rights and core technology, and the product quality level has reached the domestic and international advanced level.        "Some of the huache drive bearings at the parade on October 1 last year were provided by us." Yang Haitao is proud to say that floats need to be lightweight, and the well-known BOT bearing in the industry has become the first choice. In addition, it is understood that in 2017, Bote bearing also supplied thin-walled bearings for the shared bicycles which are popular all over the country, and its market share was once close to 60% of the domestic market. In December of the same year, Bote bearing was recognized as the first batch of manufacturing "invisible champion" enterprises in Shandong Province. The company's own brand "bot" has been rated as famous brand products of Shandong Province, famous trademarks of Shandong Province, supporting famous enterprises such as XCMG group and sany group, and exported to the United States, Germany, Russia, Ukraine, South Korea, Southeast Asia and Northern Europe.       It has become a magic weapon for some bearing enterprises in Linqing to seize the market with high-end products. Although Thin-walled bearing is the main product of bolt bearing, Yang Qingsheng has a strong sense of crisis when talking about the future development: "what we do now, others may also be doing it. What we did this year, others will do next year. Therefore, in order to maintain the leading strength, we have communicated well with the market supervision department, continued to participate in the training of advanced quality management methods and brand cultivation and upgrading, aimed at specialization, specialty and innovation, continuously promoted product research and development, and strive to be the champion of the global market share! "